Sunday, 22 October 2017

Gothenburg, Sweden, May 16th 1982

YouTube user WarioLoaf posted this concert. Click here to see his channel and click here to watch/listen to the concert. I've made a cover for the concert on both sides.

The setlist for the concert is:

1. Skull of Your Country
2. Bat Out of Hell
3. You took the Words
4. Dead Ringer for Love
5. Read Em' and Weep
6. All Revved Up
7. I'm Gonna Love Her
8. Paradise
9. Promised Land
10. Two out of Three
11. Gimme Shelter

It is great to hear a version of Paradise with Pamela since before Wario Loaf uploaded this concert, all we had of Pamela was Wembley 1982 and Dortmund 1981 where all we heard was Dead Ringer for Love. It is also great to hear both the Promised Land and Gimme Shelter in one concert and Read Em' and weep. It is interesting that during this tour the set was Skull of Your Country and then Bat Out of Hell, but in Dortmund it goes Skull of Your Country and then Wasted Youth and in Wembley it starts with Bat out of hell and no Skull of Your Country. Sorry if any of my English is bad. I give this concert 3.5 out of 5 (aka 4 out of 5), due to to its rarity and okay audio (1982 standards), and also as it gives us a chance to listen to a full Dead Ringer concert. Next time, I will be reviewing Wembley 1982 and comparing it to this. Thanx - zucken.

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